Kcmixtapes.com was created by fred " BIG BABY " wiley, a kansas city dj/producer that found himself right in the heart of the kansas city rap scene by producing mixtapes, artist like " RONDOE "(I'M NOT PLAYIN 1 & 2,DATS ON EVERYTHING);SOLIZO(THATS DA BIDNEZZ 1,2 & 3);DONTA SLUSHA (LANDMARK THAT);FEEZI CASH(PARALELL TO PROSPECT) and many more to come....he realized all the music he was a part of only had a few places they could be heard,so he decided to create a web site that artist of any genre(hip hop,r & b,rock,blues,etc...) from the  kansas city area and surounding areas could be seen and heard.

So if your an artist of any genre that have a project or was wanting to create an project and just need help doing so, email: info@kcmixtapes.com