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BriAnn Danae is a native of Kansas City, Missouri where she currently resides. A recent

graduate from Missouri State University with her Bachelors in Social Work, BriAnn fulfills

majority of her days advocating for women and children in need. Her love for reading started at

an early age, but it wasn’t until her last month a undergrad, did she decided to pen her own


Her urban romance stories are realistic and relatable, making each character come to life

on each page. Though fictional, BriAnn grasps the attention of her readers and demands their

attention. In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing, chatting with her readers and spending time with

her family. Her family and complete strangers are her biggest supporters. Without them and her

faith in God, she believes she would not have made it thus far.

Before becoming an author, BriAnn was an avid reader. Now, as a National Bestselling

Author, she believes in building a fan base and leaving a lasting impression. There is a message

she wants to leave with her readers, with every key that she strokes. “I don’t just write to tell a

story. I write to paint a picture and give a testimony.” Not all will be able to relate, but if she can

touch one soul or change one life with her words, she knows that she is doing something right.

Writing is not only a gift that she is highly grateful for, but she hopes that her determination and

strong will creates a chain reaction for those who want to follow their passion as well.








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